News Sunday 23 September 2018

French summer of HPC : Earth’s changing magnetic field

The ground magnetic field doubtless played an essential role for the development of life on Earth. Indeed, the planets which do not possess magnetic field are also often deprived of atmosphere, as it is the case of Mars. Because without magnetic field, the atmosphere is vulnerable in an erosion by the solar wind. To know the history and thus the evolution in time of the magnetic field allows to obtain invaluable information on the characteristics of a planet and its process of training. ...

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French Summer of HPC. This week : Flow of water and air around a skidding boat

We will publish each week the results of researchers who have calculated on the GENCI supercomputers: Ada, Turing, Occigen, Curie and Joliot-Curie. Come discover the progress of the results, the advancement of science related to modeling and numerical simulation in areas such as non-reactive and multiphasic flows, biology, health, geophysics, astrophysics, modeling molecular, quantum chemistry or the properties of materials. ...

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Actions & missions

in europe : Prace

A European network of six systems, with a global peak power of 15 petaflop/s...

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in FRANCE : Simseo

Assistance to SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and HPC...

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by region : Equip@Meso

Boosting the regional level in the field of High Performance Computing...

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