Inside turbulence

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To reproduce turbulent flows involving a number of fluids (liquid or gas) are of huge interest in a variety of areas of application such as nuclear power station cooling, optimisation of fuel consumption in a motor, fabrication of new materials for aeronautic and space vehicles or purification of steel.

In the tails of the comet

Shooting star display in 2013 in Morocco (c) IMCCE

Identifying the trajectory of swarms formed in the tails of comets can be of critical importance, in particular for protecting satellites orbiting the Earth or exploring Mars that could be damaged as a result of the collisions with them.

Bubbles opening the path

Image of the sonoporation process

How can we make sure that a therapeutic molecule reaches its target unhindered? This is an important issue for the pharmaceutical industry: sometimes molecules that have been successfully tested in-vitro fail in-vivo to cross the barrier formed by the membrane of their target cells.

Variable zoom on the climate

Variable zoom on the climate

Climatology is probably the most demanding scientific discipline in terms of computing time. With so many parameters, on a range of scales, that need to be included, modelling climate change is not a simple matter but it is one of crucial importance for the future of the planet.