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A journey to the center of the planets

Extreme temperature and pressure conditions within the planets make very hard, even impossible, the experimental characterization of these environments and their related physical phenomena. Numerical simulation is therefore essential to go beyond experiment and study the composition and the properties of the planet cores.

PRACE 2016 Digest Special Edition on Industry is out Friday 4 November 2016

This year’s Digest offers the reader an interesting variety of industrial PRACE supported projects and their results. In the Editorial Anders Rhod Gregersen, Chief Specialist at Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark) and Chair of the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee highlighted the importance for European companies to have access to PRACE infrastructure. The PRACE SHAPE programme offers European...

SHAPE: 4th call for applications

Open until 9 September 2016, this is the new call for applications of this programme led by PRACE for helping European SMEs switch to high performance computing. Globally 8 French SMEs have already benefited from this service

Genomics: Life in the ocean

Le résultat du mois

In the context of the World Oceans Day on 8 June 2016, focus on the contribution of High Performance Computing to the analysis of the genome of plankton samples that have been collected in all Earth's seas by the so-called scientific expedition Tara Oceans