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French summer of HPC : Earth’s changing magnetic field

The ground magnetic field doubtless played an essential role for the development of life on Earth. Indeed, the planets which do not possess magnetic field are also often deprived of atmosphere, as it is the case of Mars. Because without magnetic field, the atmosphere is vulnerable in an erosion by the solar wind. To know the history and thus the evolution in time of the magnetic field allows to...

French Summer of HPC : Study of cardiac arrhythmias using high performance computing

This week, GENCI present the cardiac diseases and the searches for a team common to the INRIA and to the University of Bordeaux managed by Mark Post, to diagnose better and treat better the patients. This work fits into the IHU Liryc, the research institute dedicated to the cardiac arrhythmias, the clinical team of which is one of the most important in the world for the treatment of these...

French Summer of HPC. This week : Flow of water and air around a skidding boat

We will publish each week the results of researchers who have calculated on the GENCI supercomputers: Ada, Turing, Occigen, Curie and Joliot-Curie.
Come discover the progress of the results, the advancement of science related to modeling and numerical simulation in areas such as non-reactive and multiphasic flows, biology, health, geophysics, astrophysics, modeling molecular, quantum chemistry or...

Day 2 : PRINCIPIA boosts its offer with high performance computing capabilities

An innovative offer that helps improving the control of the dynamical behavior of offshore structures and also strongly reducing computing time… That is precisely what proposes now PRINCIPIA, a French SME located in southern France. Specializing in applied engineering for the offshore sector (oil & gas and renewable marine energy) and editor of reference software in the field, the La Ciotat-...

A journey to the center of the planets

Extreme temperature and pressure conditions within the planets make very hard, even impossible, the experimental characterization of these environments and their related physical phenomena. Numerical simulation is therefore essential to go beyond experiment and study the composition and the properties of the planet cores.

PRACE 2016 Digest Special Edition on Industry is out Friday 4 November 2016

This year’s Digest offers the reader an interesting variety of industrial PRACE supported projects and their results. In the Editorial Anders Rhod Gregersen, Chief Specialist at Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark) and Chair of the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee highlighted the importance for European companies to have access to PRACE infrastructure. The PRACE SHAPE programme offers European...