GENCI, in partnership with ARM, the CEA and Atos, is organizing the 3rd ARM hackathon which will bring together around ten application owners from the French scientific community from several laboratories to combine their efforts in the continuity of the evaluation of ARM technology.


After having worked on code portability and their scaling up, this new hackathon will allow to better understand the benefits of vectorization instruction sets SVE (Scalable Vector Extension) from ARM, and also help in a co-design framework with the support of developers to implement the most appropriate of this vectorization on future ARM architectures processor.


The hackathon will use the GENCI ARM INTI prototype resources, hosted and operated by the CEA. This prototype was opened to the user’s community at the end of 2019 and its resources are now accessible via e-dari. It is equipped with 30 dual-socket ThunderX2 nodes, each equipped 64 cores ARMv8 running @2.2GHz and with 256 GB of memory. Those nodes are integrated into the Atos BullSequana X1000 platform, a high energy efficient platform.


Explosion simulation in a building using AVBP
 Gullaud, Fransen et al ,  @CERFACS