European Exascale Software Initiative 2 towards Exascale roadmap implementation

EESI2 project is a coordination and support project led by TOTAL and PRACE aisbl (acting for fifteen third parties such as GENCI) which aims at adressing the challenges of Exascale performances in 2020 by coordinating European efforts to indentify capacities, needs and technological breakthroughs inside Europe and potential cooperations out of Europe. Started in September 2012 (under the grant agreement 312478), EESI2 project will last thirty monthes (until February 2015).


EESI2 will continue the EESI1 project (European Exascale Software Initiative) which was successful: It federated the European HPC community, built a preliminary European cartography, vision and roadmap, and stated as the European voice at international level along with IESP initiative (International Exascale Software Program).

Continuing EESI1, EESI2 will extend, refine and update Exascale cartography and roadmaps from HPC community on software, tools, methods, R&D and academic and industrial applications. By periodical analysis and synthesis, EESI2 will provide a dynamic status on international progresses to Exascale and will suggest possible roadmaps evolutions.


EESI2 will go further towards implementation, by establishing a European structure in order to gather the Euroepan HPC community and by providing periodically cartography and roadmaps, dynamic synthesis and recommandations. EESI2 will define and follow up concrete impacts of R&D projects, assess disruptive technologies adressing cross cutting issues in numerical processing and software engineering and develop gap analysis methodology towards Exascale roadmap implementation.