On this second PRACE Regular Call, a new system, CURIE funded by GENCI and installed at CEA, Bruyères-Le-Châtel, France and designed by BULL, came into production adding capability to the PRACE Research Infrastructure (RI). CURIE is the second Tier-0 system in the PRACE RI after "JUGENE" (GCS at Jülich). The number of PRACE systems will continue to grow and provide more capacity and services to the European communities.

The projects were chosen through a peer review process for their high level of scientific and technical maturity, expected impact, and demonstrated need for Tier-0 resources. The projects are from the following scientific areas: astrophysics, chemistry and material science, medicine and life sciences, engineering and energy, fundamental physics and mathematics.

More information to be found on the PRACE-RI website