Launched in mid-2016 by GENCI and Teratec as part of the PIA (Programme Investissement d’Avenir), the SiMSEO program aims at supporting VSME, SME and mid-sized French innovators in their use of numerical simulation. As part of the “proximity support” initiative coordinated by GENCI, the second period of action came to an end in September 2017.


  • design of medical devices and data analysis
  • aeronautics
  • wind, energy sector
  • telecommunications
  • climate engineering
  • meteorology
  • modelling of atmospheric pollution
  • waste processing
  • management of urban water
  • process engineering
  • additive production
  • manufacture of sports equipment
  • design of industrial pumps
  • electricity transmission systems
  • open data
  • science outreach
  • as well as advice on innovation