Promoting numerical simulation and HPC is one of the three main missions of GENCI since 2007.

  • C3I: HPC competence label for PhD

The Conférence des Présidents d’Universités (CPU), GENCI and the Maison de la Simulation lead together the HPC competence label called C3I (Certificat de Compétences en Calcul Intensif).

This label is awarded by a jury composed of research and industry representatives, to doctors who have acquired some competences in HPC during their PhD and optionally during their post-doctorate.

The C3I label concerns all the scientific domains, from theoretical to applied research. The applicant must have acquired competences to use and implement HPC (optimization and parallelization of computation codes, parallel algorithmic, big data management…). This label is awarded in order to increase the visibility of doctors’ works and give them an additional advantage for their career in the academic or industrial field.

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  • Bull-Fourier award: boosting the development of numerical simulation

Yearly awarded in link with GENCI and Serviware, the Bull-Fourier prize acknowledges a scientist or a research team for their achievements in the field of parallelization of numerical applications.

The first prize is €15 000, the others are allocations of computing time on GENCI supercomputers.

Winners of the last Bull-Fourier awards

2014: Ivan Duchemin - CEA et Xavier Blase - CNRS (1st); Jean-Baptiste Filippi and his team - Université de Corse (2nd)
2012: Jean-Michel Alimi and his team - CNRS (1st) ; Luc Bergé and his team - CEA (2nd) ; Yann-Michel Niquet and his team - CEA (3rd)
2011: Julien Bohbot - IFP Energies Nouvelles
2010: Dimitri Komatitsch - Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour et Inria (1st); Sébastien Jan - CEA (2nd); Vincent Moureau - Coria (3rd)
2009: Luigi Genovese - ESRF (1st); Gabriel Staffelbach - Cerfacs (2nd); Dimitri Komatitsch - Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour et Inria (3rd)

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The winners of the 2014 Bull Fourier award.

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