Scientific Focus

Discover our focus on the scientific results that have mobilised GENCI's resources

Predicting the physical properties of materials

Our research area is theoretical and numerical physics for materials science, and consists in the ab initio study of the physical properties of materials, mainly with quantum-scale methods based on Density Functional Theory (DFT).

Tipping points of the Antarctic ice cap

The polar ice caps are important components of the climate system. A volume of ice representing a 58-meter change in sea level is stored on the Antarctic continent.

Turbulence induced by a swarm of bubbles

Bubble flows are encountered in many natural phenomena, industrial processes and accident situations, such as the core meltdown of a nuclear power plant.

Quantum emulation

Quantum computing - a revolutionary emerging technology - is capable of delivering exceptional computing performance in certain areas of science and technology. A major challenge today is the precise identification of its field of applicability.