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At the end of the 2nd session of its 2016 campaign, GENCI has awarded 337 million core hours in all scientific fields (see distribution below). These allocations went to 46 new research projects and to 21% projects awarded during the 1st session and having applied for complementary hours.

All the projects have been selected on the basis of their scientific excellence by the experts of the 11 GENCI's subject panels (CT), covering all the scientific fields. they benefit from a six-month allocation, from 1 July to 31 December 2016, except for Curie of which  allocations will open on 1 September. 

Globally, during 2016, Genci has allocated 1.6 billion core hours to 590 projects, an increase of 41% compared with 2015.

In spite of an increase of 30% allocated hours compared with the 2nd session of GENCI's 2015 campaign, a high level of pressure still remains on all GENCI's supercomputers: Occigen at Cines, Ada and Turing at Idris and Curie at TGCC.