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With the support of the HPC-PME Initiative (HPC for SMEs), launched at the end of 2010 by Bpifrance, GENCI and Inria, Algo’Tech, an innovative SME specialized in edition of electrical diagrams and cabling software for civil engineering, industrial machines and on-board systems, has successfully turned its electrical wiring software in a High Performance Computing (HPC) software.

Based in Bidart (in the South of France) and member of the competitiveness cluster Aerospace Valley, one of the partners of the HPC-PME Initiative, Algo’Tech, which employs around 15 people, intended to provide its clients from aeronautics and automotive sectors with a fast simulator of very large electrical and electromagnetic systems, and to offer it in a “cloud computing” mode.

A successful technological leap

That’s why Algo’Tech and Inria worked together with the PaStiX software, developed by the HIEPACS team (Inria, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS - UMR 5800 and Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux). Thanks to this transfer of skills funded by Bpifrance, this French SME has assessed and realized the technological leap needed for developing accelerated software using HPC facilities. As a medium-term objective, all the other software of Algo’Tech will also take advantage of supercomputing by progressively being ported to HPC systems.

“HPC represents a very promising way for resolving complex problems such as the simulation of sensibility of the equipment to electromagnetic effects. It also increases our range of skills and enhances our research and innovation policy, which is a cornerstone for Algo’Tech. Moreover, we strongly believe that “cloud computing” based services will benefit to SMEs having the same kind of problems to resolve and will contribute to the dissemination of HPC among SMEs, with direct positive effects”. Jean-Michel Petolat, CEO of Algo’Tech said.

HPC for SMEs, an effective lever

“The success of Algo’Tech shows that the HPC-PME Initiative is an effective tool for boosting French SMEs. It is a valuable asset for a competitiveness cluster like Aerospace Valley aimed to increase job creation in its territory in the fields of aeronautics, aerospace and on-board systems”, Agnès Paillard, president of Aerospace Valley, as partner of the Initiative since the beginning, rejoiced.

As a last step of the support from HPC-PME, Algo’Tech has been selected by the European project Fortissimo to port and deploy its software on a commercial cloud-computing platform. Thus, this French SME is now completely integrated and visible within the European HPC ecosystem.