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Focused on individual investors, Marie Quantier, a French Paris-based SME, provides its customers with innovative on-line investment solutions that allow them to monitor their assets with minimum risks and fees. More precisely, its platform gives them the ability to directly manage, online and without any intermediaries, their financial portfolios. By using High Performance Computing (HPC) technology, the release in early 2015 of this automated investment solutions has been possible thanks to the support of the HPC for SMEs Initiative.

Launched four years ago by Bpifrance, GENCI and Inria, in partnership with 5 competitiveness clusters (Aerospace Valley, Axelera, Cap Digital, Minalogic and Systematic), this initiative aims to help SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and HPC within their business models. HPC-PME is supported by CNRS, IFPEN, Onera, Ecole Polytechnique as academic partners as well as Intel and NVIDIA, as technological partners.

Marie Quantier’s user investment experience is based on a simple web interface and performing advices. In that way, the user doesn’t need any specific skills in investment. Personal recommendations are provided thanks to the use of proprietary algorithms based on an economic indicators analysis as well as the user’s profile. This new approach is completely different from traditional players’ solutions who offer solutions with too much fees, too much complexity, not enough user centric recommendations and finally not enough performance.

Bringing new possibilities thanks to HPC

Considering all the customization possibilities offered by their powerful financial tool, algorithms developed by Marie Quantier generate huge amounts of data. Furthermore, customers’ portfolios, current market assessment or risk calculation have to be achieved and monitored in real-time and available on any kind of communication devices, such as a mobile or a tablet. Since the beginning of the project, High Performance Computing has been identified as a key technology in order to address these challenges.

In this context, the HPC for SMEs Initiative support perfectly suited to Marie Quantier needs: thanks to a partnership between the SME and “Université Pierre et Marie Curie” (UPMC), Marie Quantier has been able to adapt its code dedicated to risk optimization, with the support of mathematics and financial researchers and the access to the university supercomputer, located and operated by the “Institut for scientific Computing and Simulation” (Institut du Calcul et de la Simulation, ICS). ICS is part of the French Equip@meso “Excellence equipment” that gathers since 2011, 15 French regional HPC centers and more than 80% of the available regional computing resources.

"We are very proud of what have been done, in the context of HPC for SMEs Initiative, with Marie Quantier since the beginning of the project in 2013” says Pascal Frey, Director of the ICS. “This 18-months successful project is an important asset for our institute. Indeed, ICS is continuously fostering partnerships and knowledge transfers between academic and industrial French and Parisians partners, especially SMEs”.

New technological and scientific challenges

At the end of 2014, Marie Quantier released its financial portfolios management and optimization solution. Up-to-now, more than 200 daily customers are using the platform and more than 3000 people already started to create their own portfolios. Dedicated to general public distribution, the website provides people with current market conditions assessments and associated tools.

« Five years ago, we couldn’t imagine developing such an innovative financial managing tool like the one we released in 2015. What has changed is the democratization of HPC. Thanks to that, this technology is now available for industrial users and more specifically for SMEs. At the beginning of the project, Marie Quantier was looking for technological answers to address new challenges. Our goals were to provide the most easy-to-use financial portfolio managing platform to our customers, providing risk analysis and associated tools. In this way, we decided to create new partnerships with UPMC and to develop a significant expertise in HPC », highlights Mathieu Hamel, co-founder of the company.

More information about the HPC for SMEs Initiative: http://www.initiative-hpc-pme.org

About Marie Quantier: https://mariequantier.com/

And about the Institut for scientific Ccomputing and Simulation: http://ics.sorbonne-universites.fr/

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