An example of modeling realized by Nexio Simulation (c) Nexio group 2014

In two years, two French companies have won the « HPC Innovation Excellence Award », which highlights the level of excellence they acquired in the use of numerical simulation, especially with the help of the HPC-SME Initiative.

Following HydrOcean, an SME based in Nantes in 2013, Nexio Simulation is the 2014 winner of this award, announced yearly by IDC.

A specialist in designing and publishing software for electromagnetism (for the naval, aeronautic, defence and automobile sectors), and thanks to the support of HPC-SME, this SME, based in Toulouse, has successfully adapted one of its leading software products, CAPITOLE-EM, for HPC, now able to simulate 6 million unknowws (compared to 500 000 only before). Among other things, this improvement allowed Nexio to win two major contracts in Japan at the end of 2013.

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