Access to the computational resources of GENCI is based on a twice yearly call for projects process. This is freely open to all academic users who would like to carry out scientific work within a public sector research or higher education research context. The results of the projects have to be published at the end of the allocation time.


Using Genci resources


The French national computing resources are also open to industrials users (big companies as well as SMEs) for open R&D. The demand for computing resources has to be led by an academic partner and submitted during GENCI's project calls. The results of the project have to be published at the end of the allocation time.
Under these conditions and on the basis of a technical and scientific assessment of the projects, access to GENCI's resources will be free and for one year.

To assist SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and High Performance Computingwithin their business model, an initiative has been launched by Bpifrance, GENCI and Inria, with the support of competitiveness clusters. More information on HPC for SMEs Initiative website


An initial project call is issued during the last quarter of year n-1 for an allocation of time between 01 January and 31 December of year n. This includes applications for computer time for new projects or to renew current projects.

This is followed by a second project call held during the second quarter of year n for an allocation between 01 July and 31 December of the same year. This allows applications to be submitted for computing time for a new project or a project approved during the first session.

Additional hours, or supplementary resources, can be allocated in exceptional instances to ongoing projects.


Each application for computing time must include details of the expected for results. These are evaluated on the basis of the scientific quality of the research project, and there is an obligation to publish the results of the research.

Applications are submitted through the website.


As of the beginning of 2013, French researchers have been able to request, using a quick and simple procedure, access to a small number of hours for migrating or testing their codes on new architectures.

The resquest ara assessed on the basis of tehcnical criteria by the computing centres, which can seek scientific advice as may be required.