The investment of the French scientific community on ARM technology is more and more intense for the past 18 months with 2019 being a key year in the pursuit of a work started more than 10 years ago with the Mont Blanc project.

This year saw the deployment at TGCC/CEA of a new computer prototype called INTI, based on BullSequana X1000 with Marvell ThunderX2 (ARM) technology, and its opening to the entire scientific community in Q4 2019 ( with the ambition to support and accompany the French scientific community on the road to Exascale.

The INTI platform has enabled three hackathons, allowing application owners to understand the efforts to port their codes on Arm technology and to get the most out of future generations of Arm processors, including the in-development European processor candidate for Exascale.

Read our ARM blog and follow-up on ARM activities through GENCI ‘s Technology Watch Activity with a fantastic job done on applications portability, scaling and SVE characterization on full-fledged representative leading applications (climate, Materials, Earth Sciences, CFD/combustion).


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