As you know, GENCI makes its supercomputers available to companies, manufacturers and researchers to support them in their work requiring intensive computing power.

With its R&D program called SiMSEO dedicated to entrepreneurs and their projects, GENCI offers startups 

- possible grants to boost your project,

- scientific and technical expertise tailored to your needs

- access to supercomputers, high-performance storage facilities and associated computing time,

- local relays in France to benefit from resources, depending on your geographical location, etc.

Discover the potential of the program through the experience of the startup Qubit Pharmaceuticals, which develops a simulation and modeling platform for pharmaceutical and biotechnological research.

Don't miss this workshop to discover the capabilities of the supercomputers and digital simulators at your disposal, as well as the support offered by our experts! 


Why a webinar according to FTC?

Initially scheduled in "workshop" format, our events are becoming more digital due to the crisis context we are experiencing. This short, interactive and free format allows you to benefit from the support of our experts and to interact with them live, thanks to an integrated messaging system.

Who is this format for?

All entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the resources available to them for R&D work.

How to participate?

To join the conference, please register using the form available on this page; you will then receive a link to the event page.

The software used for this webinar is Livestorm; it does not require any download on your part.


Come and share!

Date and time: Thu. Feb. 18, 2021, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Now, you can see the video