This year, the Ada Lovelace Prize has been awarded to Dr. Céline Merlet, CNRS researcher (RTS team). 

Since 2016, this prize is awarded annually to a woman scientist who makes an outstanding contribution to high performance computing in Europe and worldwide. It thanks and highlights the research of a woman scientist serving as a role model for other women and encouraging them in their scientific careers.


Dr. Céline Merlet's work has decisively advanced the study of supercapacitors through numerous innovations in terms of simulations.


Her first key contribution was to implement more realistic simulations of the carbon electrodes within model supercapacitors in operation. This provided important information on the charge storage mechanisms in these systems. 


Since then, she has been working on developing faster models that estimate energy densities 10,000 times faster than molecular simulations.


"Through her simulations, Dr. Céline Merlet has shown how HPC can help find new classes of energy materials for a sustainable future." Prof Matej Praprotnik, Chair of the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee


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