Bruyères-le-Châtel, January 10, 2022

While France is taking over the Presidency of the European Union, and in a context of strengthening bilateral cooperation between France and Italy - highlighted by the signature of the Quirinal Treaty by President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on 26 November - CEA, CINECA and GENCI have engaged a joint initiative aimed at strengthening European digital capacity.

On Friday 10 December, Francesco Ubertini, President of CINECA, Jean-Philippe Verger, Director of CEA-DAM Ile de France and representing CEA Director General François Jacq, and Stéphane Requena - CTO of GENCI representing Philippe Lavocat, Chairman and CEO of GENCI, - signed a joint commitment. This memorandum of understanding aims to mobilize these three major players in high performance computing in a collaboration on the road to Exascale and post-Exascale. It provides a framework for "acknowledging the common interests of the parties to join forces in the context of the actions/initiatives launched by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and to define the way to prepare a long-term collaboration agreement". First and foremost, this MoU aims the involvement of the parties in the response to the call for applications to host a European Exascale computer and upcoming calls for applications in the field of development of new European microprocessors or European software stack.

 The signing of this protocol between CEA, CINECA and GENCI is part of a common long-standing history of joint projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening European research and innovation in the technological and scientific areas: Centres of Excellence (CoE), Mont Blanc projects, the new European Processor Initiative (EPI), high-performance computing projects within the framework of the Future and Emerging Technologies program (FET), EUPEX; or in the field of quantum computing with HPCQS.

About  CEA

The CEA is a major player in research, development and innovation. It operates in four key areas: defense and security, energy transition, digital transformation and technological research for the medicine of tomorrow. With its 20,000 employees and its nine sites equipped with very large research infrastructures, the CEA actively participates in the implementation of collaborative projects with numerous academic and industrial partners around the world. 

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The CEA - Direction des Applications Militaires is responsible for missions in the service of defense and security in France. It designs, manufactures and guarantees the safety and reliability of nuclear warheads for dissuasion. It designs and builds the nuclear heating systems that power the ships of the French Navy. It also provides technical support to the authorities in the fight against nuclear proliferation and terrorism. It also puts its expertise at the service of Defense to assess and control the effects of conventional armaments and the vulnerability of infrastructures and weapons systems to these effects.

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Contact : / +33 1 64 50 20 11


CINECA is the Italian national supercomputing center, one of the most important worldwide. It is a not-for-profit Consortium, made up of 98 members: the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, 69 Italian universities and 27 Italian National Institutions. Cineca has 900 employees and an annual turnover about 100M Euros.

Since 1969, its mission is to accelerate the scientific discovery by providing high performance computing resources, data management, data analytics, storage systems and HPC services. CINECA collaborates with the scientific communities to enable and develop new applications and tools to better address the challenges of the High-end HPC systems, both in the academic and industrial fields. Over the years, CINECA has extended its services in the ICT field and today develops information systems for the Ministry of Universities and Research, for the Italian Universities, and for the Italian public administration, in support of e-government and digital transition projects. 

Endorsing the mandate of the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, CINECA represents Italy in PRACE, as one of the PRACE Tier-0 Hosting Members, hosting the supercomputer Marconi100. Moreover, it has been selected as a hosting entity of Leonardo, one of the future EuroHPC precursors to exascale European supercomputers.

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Contact: Patrizia Coluccia – - +39 338 5366421


Created by the public authorities in 2007, GENCI is a large research infrastructure, a public operator aiming to democratize the use of digital simulation with high performance computing (HPC) associated to artificial intelligence to boost French competitiveness across all scientific and industrial fields.

GENCI has the following missions

·     To implement the national strategy for equipping intensive computing means, storage and processing of massive data associated with AI technologies for the benefit of French open scientific research in conjunction with the three national computing centers

·      To participate in the development of an integrated French and European HPC ecosystem;

·     To promote numerical simulation and HPC within the academic and industrial communities.

 GENCI is a “civil company” (société civile) under the French law, and is 49% owned by the State, represented by the ministère en charge de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, 20% by the CEA, 20% by the CNRS, 10% by the Universities, which are represented by the Conférence des présidents d’Université, and 1% by INRIA.

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Contact press :  Nicolas Belot – -  +33 7 60 99 95 10