The 5th edition of the ECFD will bring together researchers from academia and industry of the CFD community around massively parallel fluids mechanics codes to federate their expertise with the objective to improve both some aspects linked to physics integrated into these codes and numerical simulation methodologies to meet technical and scientific challenges already perceptible on modern hybrid supercomputers with accelerated resources. 


During 5 days, around 50 researchers from 10 academic laboratories and companies, supported by computer scientists, will participate to:

- Plenary sessions given daily to expose all the tools and vehicles made available.

- A workshop on 6 different topics (Combustion, Multi-phase Flows, Turbulent Flows, Numerics, Dynamic mesh adaptation, User experience).

- A hackathon: the objective will be to support AVBP and YALES2 owners to continue their efforts to scale up their codes towards taking advantage of AMD GPU resources.


Thus, this event is supported by GENCI, the industrial chair NETHUNS from LEGI laboratory, University and INSA Rouen Normandie, LABEX EMC3, ESP Carnot, the Normand meso-center CRIANN and INRIA. CRIANN will also make available to the CFD community, both CPU computing hours on the Myria supercomputer and provide system and application support during the whole week. For the hackathon, INRIA will provide free access to its Neowise’s cluster, an AMD GPU system from the AMD COVID-19 HCP Fund. In addition, Inria, AMD and CINES will provide their knowledge and expertise with experts capable to support code porting and optimization of scientific applications. 


Due to the sanitary situation, it will also be possible to attend the plenary sessions and participate remotely to the workshop.


Wishing a wonderful 5th ECFD event to this beautiful community, extremely responsive, passionate and voluntary!

GENCI warmly thanks INRIA, CINES and AMD for their active support to this event.