The 6th edition of the ECFD will bring together academic and industrial researchers from the CFD community affiliated with massively parallel fluid mechanics codes to federate their expertise in the field of high-fidelity numerical fluid mechanics. The objective is to develop in the medium term both certain aspects related to the physics integrated in the codes and others related to numerical calculation methodologies to meet the technical and scientific challenges already perceptible on modern hybrid supercomputers with accelerated resources. A major impact of the developments expected during this event is to accompany and contribute to the energy transition. 


During 11 days, about fifty researchers and engineers, accompanied by IT experts, will participate in a workshop on 6 different themes (Combustion, Multiphase flows, Turbulent flows, Numerical methods, Dynamic mesh adaptation, User experience), plenary sessions with workshops on machines and a hackathon around AVBP and YALES2 In both cases, the objective will be to accompany the application developers to continue the efforts already undertaken in the evolution of their code in order to take advantage of GENCI's hybrid CPU-GPU machines and in particular of the new AdAstra supercomputer of CINES, ranked 3rd in the Green500 list of the most energy efficient supercomputers.  


This event is supported by GENCI, Safran and the NETHUNS industrial chair of LEGI and GE Hydro France, the Carnot institute ESP and the Normandy meso-centre CRIANN, which will provide the CFD community with both computing hours on the Myria supercomputer and system and application support during this week. For the hackathon, CINES and AMD will bring their knowledge and expertise by providing their experts in porting and optimizing scientific applications.

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