On the occasion of the ISC 2023 edition, GENCI and CINES are very proud to announce that Adastra Supercomputer has been confirmed in the third position of the Green 500. This ranking underlines the path taken by France and more largely in Europe, in terms of energy efficiency and more generally, the awareness shared by all stakeholders of this ecosystem of the necessity to act for a more sustainable computing activity, above all in the scientific field, academic as industrial. Adastra could also be considered as the first operated supercomputer achieving this level sustained performance and energy efficiency.


Whereas GENCI (the French HPC national agency) represents France while leading with support of CEA the Jules Verne candidate consortium including the Netherlands in order to install and operate the next European Exascale system, it is also represented in live sessions dedicated to : 

-  the French-led quantum hosting entity consortium EuroQCS-France (together with Germany, Ireland and Romania) whereas the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking has recently announced the hosting sites for its first six European quantum computers. Theses systems will be installed at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center (Czechia), GENCI-CEA (France), LRZ (Germany), CINECA(Italy), PSNC Future Labs (Poland) and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain). Apart from procuring the systems, the mandate also includes another aim : to integrate them with the existing #HPC resources already on sites, exposing various European quantum technologies to users and enabling true #HPC-QC capabilities for the European user community.

- HPCQS and EuroQCS on how engaging and supporting communities to make the most out of HPC-QCS environments, Sabine Mehr will present what is already engaged in France through the national hybrid HPC/Quantum infrastructure (HQI) and at the European level with the HPCQS project and soon by the joint 6 new EuroHPC hosting entities toward the vision of EuroQCS, a fully pan European integrated hybrid HPC + Quantum computing infrastructure.


- energy efficiency management (Wednesday, May 24th Bof "HPC Data Center Sustainability and System Energy Efficiency Challenges" : Improving system energy efficiency through system “right” sizing). Eric Boyer will present the Full TCO (total Cost of ownership) method used by GENCI since a decade in order to tackle this very important global issue.


GENCI will host you on the booth B220. A keynote including a demonstration will be held by Krisztian BENYO from the French company  PASQAL on May 23rd on GENCI’s booth from 14:30 to 15:00



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