The videos of the penultimate sequence are available online : link to videos. [1]



The last session was about computing and GPUThursday, April 1st, 2pm, the topics covered were :

  • The Jean Zay Supercomputer,
  • GPU acceleration and distributed learning,
  • by Bertrand Cabot and Hadrien Bernard-de-Dompsure (IDRIS)
  • Access and use of Jean Zay
  • Optimization of GPU acceleration
  • Distributed learning on several GPUs


The proposed example was the implementation of a "from scratch" classification of Imagenet optimized and distributed on several GPUs.


The access was totally free and without registration. Certificates could be delivered, especially to PhD students.


You can find more informations on following links :

Captures and videos [1]

About this training [2]

Gitlab of the project, Grenoble University  [3]

Contact [4]