Extreme Computational Fluid Dynamics Workshop and Hackathon #4
An online event from March 22 to 26, 2021 : AVBP and YALES2 at the heart of innovative research for the European Green Deal      


The 4th edition of the ECFD brought together academic and industrial researchers from the CFD community affiliated with YALES2 (incompressible flows) and AVBP (compressible flows) to federate their expertise around these two major pillars of high-fidelity computational fluid mechanics with the objective of evolving in the medium term both certain aspects related to physics integrated into the codes and others related to numerical computation methodologies to meet technical and scientific challenges already perceptible on modern hybrid supercomputers having accelerated resources. A major impact of the developments expected during this event was to accompany and contribute to the energy transition.


Thus, this event was supported by GENCI and IDRIS (CNRS) who made available to the CFD community, both hours of GPU computing on the Jean Zay supercomputer (28PFlops peak) equipped with 2696 NVIDIA V100 GPUs and who provided system and application support to the CFD community during this week. In addition, HPE and NVIDIA brought their knowledge and expertise of this ecosystem by providing users with experts in the porting and optimization of scientific applications. 


During 5 days, fifty researchers accompanied by computer experts, participated in :

- plenary sessions that were held daily to expose all the tools and vehicles available to users to accompany them in the paradigm shift from general-purpose processors to innovative accelerated resources.

- a workshop on 7 different topics (Combustion, dynamic mesh adaptation, multiphase flows, numerical methods, turbulent flows, user experience, fluid-structure interaction)

- a hackathon around AVBP and YALES2. In both cases, the objective was to help the application developers to continue their efforts already engaged in the evolution of their code in order to take advantage of NVIDIA GPU resources. 


Congratulations to this great community, extremely responsive, passionate and willing!

GENCI also thanks IDRIS, HPE and NVIDIA for their support during this event.

Credit Félix Houtin-Mongrolle @ Coria