We wish all the research teams a very good start to the new year! 

The year 2020 has required a great deal of agility. This is reflected in the GENCI annual report presented here. Even in lockdown, we have continued to prepare for the future by enabling the convergence of #Artificial Intelligence and #HPC to continue to be deployed on our machines but also to support national, European and global demands for "urgent computing" in the fight against #Covid_19.

Thanks to all the contributors mentioned in this report, GENCI can achieve its objectives and see new scientific perspectives emerging each year. HPC, AI and data processing have impacts in all areas of science, but also for industry, SMEs and startups, as an accelerator of innovation, as an aid to decision making... This report shows the omnipresence of high performance computing, #AI and the management of massive data at the heart of our lives. 

For GENCI, the coming cycle will be marked by an intensification of the #Exascale approach in France and in Europe, by the continuation of our participation in the national AI plan, by participation in national and European projects for the development of quantum computing. 

Finally, while France will hold the French Presidency of the European Union, GENCI, as the French representative of @Prace, will participate in March 2022 in the organisation of the European High-Performance Computing Week, the EuroHPC Summit Week 2022, under the auspices of the Joint Undertaking @EuroHPC. We will come back to this soon.