Simulation for industrials

The SIMSEO project is the result of GENCI and Teratec common answer to the call for expression of interest about the spread of numerical simulation ("Diffusion de la simulation numérique"), launched by the French Commissariat Général à l’Investissement (CGI) in 2014.

The objective is to help French small and medium sized companies to access to numerical simulation, by:

  • identifying the main issues and key decision points for using simulation;
  • setting up service offerings and resources for using the capacitiess of simulation;
  • giving the technical support necessary to implement such a strategy.

SIMSEO includes two programmes: one, called "Sector-specific services" (Offres de services sectorielles), is carried out by Teratec and the other by GENCI under the name "Local support for SMEs" (Accompagnement de proximité des PME). GENCI's participation in SIMSEO is aimed to extend the HPC for SMEs Initiative, led between 2010 and 2015 with Bpifrance and Inria, based on the partners of the Equip@meso [1] project through sevon regional platforms.

SIMSEO also includes common awareness and training actions about numerical simulation all along the year.

Local support for SMEs

Carried out by GENCI, the "Local support for SMEs" programmeis based on the concept of an integrated and tailor-made offer, as HPC for SMEs was firstly proposing (consultancy, training and expertise, co-development with a research laboratory, access to computing resources, control of financial and economic issues…). It helps each SME specifically demonstrate the return of investment gained by switching to numerical simulation and HPC.

Seven regional platforms have been selected for participating in this programme. They are backed by existing regional computing centres (mésocentres), which are partners of Equip@meso [1]:

More information: [8]

The HPC for SMEs Initiative (2010-2015)

To support SMEs in their take-up of numerical simulation and HPC, Bpifrance, GENCI and Inria have launched, at the end of 2010, the HPC for SMEs Initiative. This unique initiative in France was targeted on facilitating the "switch to numerical simulation" in order to assist SMEs in increasing their competitiveness, creating new jobs and innovation.

At the heart of the scheme, a customised support based on the needs as defined by the SME: Business expertise, training, access to computer resources, help with financing, etc.

HPC for SMEs is led in link with five competitiveness clusters, having a strong regional location, both in the academic and industrial fields: Aerospace Valley (aeronautics, space), Axelera (chemicals and the environment), Cap Digital (digital contents and services), Minalogic (miniaturised intelligent solutions for industry), and Systematic (complex systems). Since end 2012, HPC-PME has built a network of academic partners (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, IFPEN and Onera) and technological partners (Intel and NVDIA).

After five years and more than fifty SMEs supported, the HPC for SMEs [9] Initiative has proven its credential to the point that the French government is going to invest in this approach in order to extend it through the regions, closer to SMEs.

The HPC for SMEs Initiative is closed since 1 January 2016.