Reducing noise in moving vehicles

The facts and the project

The noise perceived inside the cabin of a vehicle in movement is dominated by the turbulent excitation generated by layers of fluids flowing along the aircraft fuselage or the body of the car under the effect of speed. The noise is a result of the sum between the original aerodynamic noise and the vibrations of the structure as excited by the flow. An improved understanding of the properties of these sources will help in the search for solutions to implement to reduce the noise nuisance.

The results

Carried out in collaboration with Airbus, relating to the noise inside an airplane cockpit, and with Renault, for the noise inside a car, the work made it possible, for the first time, to quantify the respective sources for the aerodynamic noise and at the origin of the vibrations of the structure. This made a significant advance possible, by a team from Ensam Paris, using the Ada and Curie computers at GENCI, because experiments always come up against a major obstacle: the wind tunnel noise masks the aerodynamic noise… In this context, only numerical simulation makes it possible to obtain this unrivalled degree of accuracy, thus giving access to an improved understanding of the phenomena involved.


1,5 million core hours on Ada (CNRS/Idris) and Curie (CEA/TGCC)

Principal Investigator: Xavier Gloerfelt - ENSAM