GENCI is regularly quoted in the medias… In 2015, you can find us

In 2014, we were:

These last years, GENCI has also been highlighted by different awards

  • GENCI's supercomputer Curie took 2 HPCwire 2014 awards: The "Best Use of HPC in Automotive" prize was awarded to the French company Renault (optimisation of the parameters used in crash-tests) and the "Top Supercomputing Achievement" was received by a German team from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (simulation of the entire known Universe from its birth to the present day, including the web of spiral and disc galaxies)

  • Stéphane Requena, Chief Technical Officer of GENCI, is among the "People to Watch 2014", according to HPCwire. He is one of the 16 winners from the entire world, acknowledged for their main contribution to the development of HPC. More information on the HPCwire site
  • Following the 2012 HPCwire award for its contribution using the Curie supercomputer, for the first full Universe simulation, GENCI has received in 2013 the HPCwire prize for the ‘Best Application of Big Data in HPC’.

Finally, congratulations to Philippe Wautelet, in charge of the application support for IDRIS massively parallel supercomputer, winner of the médaille de cristal 2014 of CNRS. This award especially acknowledges his involvement in some main European projects in the field of HPC and in training sessions. More information on the IDRIS site