Genci grand équipement national de calcul intensif


News Thursday 20 January 2022

5th Extreme CFD Workshop & Hackathon 23-28/01/2022, Centre Bonséjour in Merville-Franceville, Normandy, FRANCE

The 5th edition of the ECFD will bring together researchers from academia and industry of the CFD community around massively parallel fluids mechanics codes to federate their expertise with the objective to improve both some aspects linked to physics integrated into these codes and numerical simulation methodologies to meet technical and scientific challenges already perceptible on modern hybrid supercomputers with accelerated resources. ...

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CEA, CINECA and GENCI establishing converging views on Exascale and beyond

While France is taking over the Presidency of the European Union, and in a context of strengthening bilateral cooperation between France and Italy - highlighted by the signature of the Quirinal Treaty by President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on 26 November - CEA, CINECA and GENCI have engaged a joint initiative aimed at strengthening European digital capacity. On Friday 10 December, Francesco Ubertini, President of CINECA, Jean-Philippe Verger, Director of CEA-DAM Ile de France and representing CEA Director General François Jacq, and Stéphane Requena - CTO of GENCI representing Philippe Lavocat, Chairman and CEO of GENCI, - signed a joint commitment. This memorandum of understanding ...

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Actions & missions

in europe : Prace

A European network of six systems, with a global peak power of 15 petaflop/s...

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in FRANCE : Simseo

Assistance to SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and HPC...

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by region : Equip@Meso

Boosting the regional level in the field of High Performance Computing...

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