Genci grand équipement national de calcul intensif


News Sunday 02 April 2023

6th Extreme CFD Workshop & Hackathon 23/01-03/02/2022, Hotel Club de la Plage - Merville-Franceville, FRANCE

The 6th edition of the ECFD will bring together academic and industrial researchers from the CFD community affiliated with massively parallel fluid mechanics codes to federate their expertise in the field of high-fidelity numerical fluid mechanics. The objective is to develop in the medium term both certain aspects related to the physics integrated in the codes and others related to numerical calculation methodologies to meet the technical and scientific challenges already perceptible on modern hybrid supercomputers with accelerated resources. A major impact of the developments expected... ...

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Actions & missions

in europe : Prace

A European network of six systems, with a global peak power of 15 petaflop/s...

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in FRANCE : Simseo

Assistance to SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and HPC...

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by region : Equip@Meso

Boosting the regional level in the field of High Performance Computing...

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