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News Friday 22 January 2021

Paris Region, Le Lab Quantique and GENCI launch a fast track initiative towards Quantum Computing advantage

The Paris Region quantum ecosystem is extremely rich in academic groups, startups, expertise and talents, and also global companies that are prospective customers for technologies that have the potential to disrupt many sectors, be it Finance, Automotive or Biopharma. The Region has been funding programs in support of academic groups for many years (SIRTEQ) and has now decided to shift gears and support also actors downstream in the value chain, technology developers (hardware and software) and end-users with an ambitious new programme called PAck Quantique (PAQ). ...

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Annual report 2019

Each year since 2010, GENCI is publishing an annual report presenting the key events of the past year and some of the main results of the year achieved by researchers or industrials with direct positive effects in the scientific, economic and social fields. ...

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Actions & missions

in europe : Prace

A European network of six systems, with a global peak power of 15 petaflop/s...

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in FRANCE : Simseo

Assistance to SMEs in integrating numerical simulation and HPC...

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by region : Equip@Meso

Boosting the regional level in the field of High Performance Computing...

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